What Is Unlimited Term Employment Contract in Uae

2. In the middle of my limited partnership agreement (say my first year in the company), they let me sign with the presence of the lawyer that I cannot join a competing company within 2 years of my resignation. Will I be banned if I break this? or get a civil lawsuit with them? One of my cousins had a job opportunity in a company. and he should leave his current business. He has completed his 3-year visa (i.e. 2+1). So any ban will come on his visa (open-ended contract) if he resigns from his job and wants to join a new company? Hello, I am on a permanent contract, this was my second contract because I have already finished 2 years, which is also unlimited. This is basically my third year of the same company, I am licensed and they will get my visa on the 27th. November 2014 and cancel my temporary work permit in their sister company, do I have a 6-month ban? In our experience, open-ended contracts are a much better option for employees because they are more open, especially when it comes to tips. Here is a clause we have adopted from the UAE Labour Code.

I have an open-ended contract Mr. Deepak. And work for 8 months. in the construction company. Will it be possible to receive a 3-month indemnity if the business ends due to downsizing due to the completion of the construction of the project? Thank you very much. Hello, I would like to ask if the workers will give me a ban if I will resign on a permanent contract. I have been here for 8 months, but I am very tired of this job and they have not paid the overtime. As they told me, they won`t pay for my 30-day notice period because I can`t pay the visa fee they had for me. I`m not so sure that the site, as far as I know, is correct on the basis of the Dubai worker who is forced to pay the employer with 30 days` notice, but I don`t know how to defend myself against them.

Mr. Deepak, I really need your help with that. Thank you for all your answer Dear Deepak, And if I set a notice period of one month, where in my letter of offer 3 months are mentioned. In addition, the link you gave indicates that the holder of the diploma should have a salary of 12500 so that no prohibition is imposed. I have two offers, one is 6000 and the other is 8500. Can you please go through mine and give me a precise answer. Confused by your answer. Engineers don`t have to reckon with a ban. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of changing jobs with the end of my contract. As I said, my contract does not provide for the expiry of the contract. But the supply counters mentioned 3 years in it.

With a deadline of 3 months for approval. I am under a contract of indefinite duration, I am already in the process of terminating in my company and this validity on September 20 for my 6 months, and HR told me that I will pay 4k+. Do I have to pay this money? Do I have to pay anything after signing a 6-month contract? Have a nice day! I completed my 6-month contract as probation. And now I intend to resign if I get a job with the other employer. I sign a 2-year contract in my company in February 2016.et I also take my JST annual leave days in July. And I submitted my resignation to JST with effect from the end of November. Hello Monsieur.je came with an unlimited visa and probation 6 months after 4 months cpmplted my probation and now I had a good opportunity in another hospital I am a paramedic ,,,if there is a prblem for me ban and all fees for the withdrawal process, I can please suggest what I should do and my contract is 2 months after the probationary period,, We published an article on what a fixed-term contract is, so now let`s try to understand the other type that is an open-ended contract. Find out how our work and incentive practices provide legal assistance for fixed-term and open-ended contracts in the UAE.

hello on a permanent contract and probation already working for more than 4 months, if my employer dismisses me, should I have a work ban? And if I resign, should I also have a work ban? Please respond. Dear Mr. Deepak, I have been working in a permanent company since May 2015. Can I change jobs without a ban in the new Labour Act 2016? What are the conditions for this? Help me. I graduated, I have been working for the company for eight years. My five-year employment contract was an open-ended contract and the last extension has been replaced by a fixed-term contract that expires next month. However, my new renewal contract is unlimited, but the contract start date is dated 2012. When I was asked, I was told it was in the system.

Can you tell us if that is correct? Now I want to ask him if he ever has the right to take legal action against me if I don`t return to my home country (contrary to what I told him). .