Royal Mail Trimble Agreement

The CWU will be fully integrated into the deployment and the agreement will include the established guarantees in terms of visibility, data exchange and the reservation that the results should not be used for individual performance or behavioral management. All inquiries regarding this LTB should be directed to Davie Robertson, Assistant Secretary, Email: using reference 218.12. Discussions therefore focused on a national agreement to support the use of the technology in Relay to ensure that the long-established principles and safeguards set out in previous agreements are incorporated into this deployment. Send yourself an e-mail in full esteem. Enter your details below or click on an icon to sign up: Trimble Telematics Tech will be installed in another 11,000 small vans Royal Mail by the end of March Telematics was first introduced to Royal Mail`s fleet in 2015, when around 13,000 large vehicles were equipped with the technology. James Baker, Chief Engineer and Fleet Director at Royal Mail, said: “As a company, we are committed to making changes to our operations that reduce our environmental impact. The widespread expansion of telemetry in our fleet allows us to ensure that our drivers receive positive feedback and training on how to drive in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible, while continuing to deliver letters and packages safely, efficiently and responsibly. Technology of the behaviour of drivers of light commercial vehicles – TRIMBLE Dear colleague As stated in LTB 555/15 and 630/15, branches will recall that Royal Mail worked with Trimble to improve workplace safety by installing in-cab technology installed in approximately 13,000 vehicles at approximately 1300 locations. Data on various maneuvers such as acceleration, braking and cornering are collected using GPS in the on-board telematics unit installed in the vehicle, comparing different profiles with established standards (acceptable, moderate, hard), accompanied by an acoustic warning tone. The department has since been informed of a problem with the acoustic settings on large van profiles for this technology, namely Peugeot Boxer, Peugeot Experts, Ford Transits and Vauxhall Vivaro. The lighting settings for Red AmberGreen (RAG) of these vehicles are set correctly to highlight acceptable, moderate and difficult maneuvers.

However, audible warnings must be set to be set to trigger with drivers who trigger a moderate or higher maneuver. However, after a request for a DO, it was found that the buzzers are only triggered by maneuvers more serious than the approximate setting. This means that drivers see the lights going up and down on the scale, but don`t receive an audible notification on the individual instances, which triggers the lights to move. Trimble urgently needs to reset this buzzer to the correct profile levels, which will be returned to the vehicle technology in the cab in real time. This, of course, can lead to an increase in audible warnings in large vans across the country, which is a source of concern for some drivers. In order to cope with this change in the future, stores should note that these settings, which are deemed necessary, will only be adjusted for the following large vans; Peugeot Boxer, Peugeot Expert, Ford Transit & Vauxhall Vivaro week from Monday 8 August 2016. This adaptation will be monitored at national level to ensure consistency in data collection with the agreed profiles and to operate without hesitation. Royal Mail explained that telemetry systems promote more fuel-efficient and safer driving styles by monitoring the driver`s acceleration, speed, cornering and braking patterns and giving them positive feedback.

Sudden braking and acceleration wear out faster and generally produce higher emissions. Although these technologies have been established for several years, RMSS/Relay has not attempted to introduce telemetry, but the company has now proposed to introduce Trimble into the park and ride, and all new vehicles will be equipped with this technology. In addition to installation, all new Royal Mail pickup and delivery vans will include some form of telemetry technology in the future. . Since 2019, the Royal Mail system has saved 177,000 litres of fuel, reducing carbon emissions by 459 tonnes. Branches will be aware that telemetry technology has been integrated into a large part of the Royal Mail vehicle fleet. In sales, Isotrak will be installed in LGv heavy vehicles, Microlise up to 7.5 t MGV and Trimble in the light fleet in delivery. For the information of subsidiaries and agents, the National Agreement on the Use of Trimble in RMSS/Relay is attached. Rob Painter, President and CEO of Trimble, said: “Sustainability is one of the defining themes of our generation.

By expanding the deployment of Trimble`s integrated fleet, driver and mapping solutions across the fleet, Royal Mail will have the real-time telemetry tools needed to achieve its long-term operational sustainability goals. .